Garden greenery

The leaves on the vines take on a green sheen in the summer. The lake shimmers blue-green in the midday sun. The many shades of green may be seen in our garden area, too. For this is where guests may find total peace and quiet on holiday.

Our newly-planned garden is a green oasis of calm always accessible to guests. Facing south, you can follow the sun's course during the day, admire the Leuchtenburg ruins high above the Kalterer See lake and leave everyday cares behind. Dozing on a grass bed in the summer sun. Devouring a book in the shade of a tree. While parents have a drink at the pool bar, the children can play in the playground. Swinging, sliding, rolling. And every now and then a welcome dip in the pool: diving in, swimming lengths or just daydreaming on the edge of the pool listening to the quiet gurgling of the water.

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