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The wine village Kaltern is situated upwards a hill at the foot of its local mountain Mendel which towers above the village with aromatically scenting forests and white walls of rock. To the front, however, the view from the village is open. After all, it has to have its eye on the smooth rolling hills of the vineyards. This is the start of the territory of the farmers who work outdoors all year round.


The result of their diligent activities can be tasted in the numerous wine cellars, wine stores and pubs. Kaltern’s love for wine is also revealed in its architecture: rustic farmhouses in the typical style of Überetsch with old vines twining their facades. The Winecenter (with its clean lines and edged forms) at the entrance of the village. Plenty of vineyards embedded into the landscape, sometimes traditionally sometimes in an elegant way. A rural atmosphere in dim cellars which, especially during Törggele-time, are full of people. But there are also places with individualistic ambience which present the best wines.


In its nine districts, Kaltern has smaller and bigger churches; sometimes the towers even come in a pair like in St. Nikolaus. The marketplace near the parish church of Kaltern is the lively centre of the village Kaltern am See. This is where locals meet for Aperitivo or go for an ice cream, it is where most events and concerts of Kaltern take place. It is the starting point for the popular ‘long Thursdays’ on which shops are open until late, inviting for an evening stroll and where traders present their goods, farmer women their needlework, artists their art and other creative clubs their passion.


In Kaltern, history meets innovation. This is where the North meets the South. You barely notice how the borders melt into each other. While the higher districts of the wine village are quite mountainous, the surroundings of Lake Kaltern already include the one or other cypress, oleander or olive tree.

The historic Mendelbahn tirelessly goes up and down the mountain departing from the district of St. Anton. It brings its passengers to the scenic Mendelpass which is steeped in history and from where you can overlook Kaltern and its surroundings. Polenta and Funghi from the Trentino will let the traveller realise how diverse and delicious the together of the North and South can be.


Kaltern am See doesn’t only comprise the village itself but also the multifaceted and various cultural and natural landscape surrounding it. Hikes in the low mountains, easy walks and visits to the biotopes, bike tours – it’s best to experience Überetsch actively.

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