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Our cuisine

How does the South of South Tyrol taste? Hearty traditional. Spicily sun-ripened. And still refreshingly mountainous. Along the South Tyrolean Wine Road gusto has tradition and thus every grand residence, every vineyard, every rustic tavern, every restaurant creates the peak of perfection out of the best ingredients and recipes.

A tasty selection of South and North

The team of chefs of Hotel Thalhof brings the territory on the table. The Mediterranean-Tyrolean symbiosis is staged masterfully. Also for the eye. As it is known, you eat with your eyes.

„Our cuisine is regional and we produce tasty meals from what the season provides. This way, the food tastes honest.“ our head chef says.

In the mood for a feast

An abundant breakfast buffet is important to start the day in the best possible way. Have breakfast with the first sun rays. Outdoors on our panorama terrace. Facing everything that can be explored during the day.

We provide delicious dishes around the clock: light salads from the buffet, warm starters and dishes à la carte and cakes or colourful sundaes to feast. Because when you’re on holiday, that’s allowed.


Kaltern’s wines

In Kaltern, wines grow and ripen which characterise the village and its population since centuries. Hotel Thalhof presents and serves the wines of the South Tyrolean Wine Road, especially those from the village of Kaltern itself.

A colourful diversity of autochthon sorts of wine are grown around the lake and on its hills. Lake Kaltern itself is name giver for a wine which is uncomplicated, wholesome and of first-class quality.

Hotel Thalhof is a member of the initiative wein.kaltern

Hotel Thalhof is a member of the initiative wein.kaltern for quality and wine culture in Kaltern am See. Once a week we organise wine tastings in our in-house wine cellar. At those events, you can taste, analyse and interpret Kaltern's most popular varieties.

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Anyone who loves lakes and vineyards will love this dining room. Its glass facade will spice up every meal with a fantastic backdrop! With sloping vineyards to the east and vineyards to the west. With the splendour of Kalterer See lake and the watchful ruins of the Leuchtenburg. Breakfast will be an inspiration for planning the day's excursions and the evening meal will feature an extra romantic touch thanks to the light of the moon and the stars. A dining room that is not just loved for the quality of its cuisine!

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