* Pflichtfelder


A multi-layered blue in the middle of the green vineyards of Überetsch. Early in the morning, it glitters quietly and sleepily to itself, Kalterer See lake. Early birds have it all to themselves and calmly swim up and down. Just the ruins of the Leuchtenburg above them. It soon livens up. Pedaloes pass each other, there's splashing and jumping from the banks, fishing boats rock somewhat comically near the reeds, and as soon as the wind starts to blow from the south, windsurfers fill the jetties to catch the wind they've been waiting for.


Quiet and relaxing or colourful and lively – so different are morning and afternoon at the lake. The banks of the lake are the same. On one side there are beaches and sunbathing lawns that vie with each other for comfort, cleanliness and service, while the southern bank is barely touched. It belongs to the birds and maybe to a few wildlife watchers and photographers. Far away from the renowned restaurants and pizzerias, the kiosks and aperitif bars, there's a fluttering, hatching and pleasant calm amidst the reeds. The circular walk around the lake is popular with nature lovers and passes the restricted area on a series of wooden walkways.


In the garden, Hotel Thalhof am See has a pool for families for splashing and letting off steam in, and another one for doing lengths and more serious swimming. So anyone wishing to read, chill out and sunbathe in a quiet spot can do this at the hotel. Or inside, as we don't let the seasons get in the way of water fun. When it gets chilly outside, the hotel's indoor pool is there to be enjoyed.

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