* Pflichtfelder


Water. And all stress gets washed away. Bubbles. Your muscles relax. Steam. Simply sweat out your inner turmoil. Serenity on the lake, for the soul.

Treat yourself to some rest and relaxation... take a break from the world...

Here you will find our wellness offers... beauty and massages


The calm runs deep when lying in water. In the water massage fountain, in the steam bath and by the sumptuous views of the vineyards and mountains from the glass facade of the panoramic sauna. You'll find the calm and profound relaxation you're looking for in the wellness area.

For guests seeking a relaxing and restorative break with us. A small and beautiful wellness area featuring a quiet terrace. Right by Kalterer See lake. Serenity on the house.



Water, as blue as the summer sky. Simply take a refreshing dip. Inside or outside – our pools & baths are divided into sports pools and fun pools. One for families and for lots of fun splashing around, the other for serious swimmers who enjoy doing a few liberating lengths of the pool. Everyone can discover water in their own way!


Swimming amidst the greenery of the garden, or through the stillness of the wellness area. Both places provide relaxation after bathing: chilling out between blades of grass, flowers and vineyards. Just lazing around on the quiet terrace to mountain views. But there's calm to be found IN the water, too. There are loungers for a sensation of floating on water and water sprays to direct relaxation right to your muscles. There is even a pool bar, to bring out that holiday-by-the-lake feeling!



The leaves on the vines take on a green sheen in the summer. The lake shimmers blue-green in the midday sun. The many shades of green may be seen in our garden area, too. For this is where guests may find total peace and quiet on holiday.

Our newly-planned garden is a green oasis of calm always accessible to guests. Facing south, you can follow the sun's course during the day, admire the Leuchtenburg ruins high above the Kalterer See lake and leave everyday cares behind. Dozing on a grass bed in the summer sun. Devouring a book in the shade of a tree. While parents have a drink at the pool bar, the children can play in the playground. Swinging, sliding, rolling. And every now and then a welcome dip in the pool: diving in, swimming lengths or just daydreaming on the edge of the pool listening to the quiet gurgling of the water.


High above it all, there are great views to be had: a panoramic terrace – with views of the surrounding countryside. Every day, any day. High above it all is a wonderful place to have breakfast, dinner or drink a glass of wine. Everything tastes better on this terrace. Wine is seasoned with a pinch of moonlight, breakfast summons up zest for the day ahead with the help of the morning sun. And where better place to indulge your holiday dreams than looking out over Kalterer See lake with the picturesque Leuchtenburg ruins watching over it. Here, high above it all you can enjoy life: food, wine, the views.

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