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The lake in the South: wine and hike world

The waterfront of Lake Kaltern that’s where the hilly green of the vineyards smoothly fuses with the emerald of the water. Surfers, paddle boats and fisherman boats add splashes of colour to its surface. There it lies, sometimes calm, sometimes rough, in the middle of the Mediterranean landscape, the warmest bathing lake of the Alps. Enthroned over it, you find the noble ruin Leuchtenburg which reflects in the water.

Your bathing holiday on Kalterer See lake

Every year, Kalterer See lake tempts bathing guests, hikers, cyclists and bon-vivants to spend their holidays in Überetsch, in Bolzano and Environs. Yet the atmosphere of the pretty little villages along the Wine Road, Tyrolean cuisine with its Mediterranean touch and wine from Kaltern-Caldaro, so steeped in history, do their bit, too.

Kalterer See lake is not the only great spot for bathing. In a flash, sunny vineyards give way to woodland. Not far from Kalterer See lake, in the midst of dense, fragrant Montiggl Wald forest, are the lakes at Montiggl. They are easily reached from Kaltern-Caldaro on foot, by bike or by city bus. And if you've still not had enough of the life-giving element of water, the surrounding wine villages such as Auer-Ora or Tramin-Egna are the proud owners of their own swimming pools featuring facilities like the lido pool on Kalterer See lake.

South of South Tyrol – the cycling region

In Kaltern and its surroundings, the partly Alpine landscape smoothly blends into the Mediterranean World. Olive trees, cypresses and here and there even palm trees stick out between the vine hills. As colourful and rich in species as flora and fauna present themselves here as diverse are also the possibilities to discover them. Not only by foot – also cycle paths lead through apple and wine orchards from one wine village to the other or on longer paths to Bolzano and further into the South.

Endless hiking

Through the apple and wine orchards of Überetsch, you can take endless walks and hikes. Sun and nature as far as the eye can reach. From the panoramic spots you can even catch a sight of Lake Kaltern. The Mendel Mountains with their numerous paths and trails is a challenge even for experienced hikers. If you enjoy circular walks with a good panoramic view, you can take the funicular Mendelbahn uphill and choose the Mendel Pass as starting point for exploratory walks.

Where gusto is tradition

After an eventful day you can jauntily enjoy. In Kaltern and along the South Tyrolean Wine Road, you can find numerous renowned restaurants, rustic taverns, vineyards and wine cellars. There is one thing they all have in common – they preferably use local products in their kitchens and proudly present typical South Tyrolean dishes. Get a taste of Kaltern.


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