A lakeside holiday in South Tyrol

A gentle swaying and flowing. Landscape with no sharp edges. Undulating hills down to the lake. The journey there is an experience in itself and arrival pleasantly sudden.

The restorative element of water

Glass facades and reflections on water. Hotel Thalhof am See's unmistakeable character may be seen from the outside. Here, on the lake, water is the main element, with the glass facade its mirror. Despite the proximity to the most beautiful bathing beaches on Kalterer See lake, two pools nestle amidst the lush green of the garden, filled with crystal-clear blue. One for the children, the other for more serious swimmers. And in the basement of the hotel, a pleasant wellness area awaits – for delicious hours of rest and relaxation.

Views from the new rooms afford plenty of green thanks to the large glass facades. Gazes are drawn through the garden and to the lake, crossing the sloping vineyards and ascending the mountains to rest there awhile.

Open air performances

Right up high, at the point where eyes are drawn by the gleaming of the lake and the castle above it – this is where holidays are best savoured. On the panoramic terrace and in the sunlit dining room, breakfast becomes a feast and balmy summer evenings become a culinary open air performance. After all, you're in a great spot: high up, close to the sky.

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